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The next installment of Bakugan Hyperspace! Even more action packed and thrilling than the prequel!
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 New Hyperspace Nightclub[A Six Part Story]

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PostSubject: New Hyperspace Nightclub[A Six Part Story]   Sun Jan 09, 2011 10:54 am

Part One

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. The sound of an Alarm Clock ran from my Brothers room. I sit on my bed in wait, fully dressed, showered, and ready to go to work…. But him? Of course not. He’s not even out of bed yet, and it’s already 4 o’clock! Given, I only got up an hour ago, but I worked late last night.

I bet you’re wondering where I work. I work at the Most Popular Night Club in New Vestroia. New Hyperspace. Well not only do I WORK at it… I OWN it. Along with my brother… WHO WON’T GET UP… I swear, he’s impossible. Well I guess I better go get him up…

I had the bucket of Ice Water in my hands, it was really heavy… I tried everything, Pushing him, yelling, shaking him, whispering, jumping on the bed… If this doesn’t get him up, NOTHING will… I rocked back the bucket ready to toss, when I heard my friend Mira yell. “Kasey, stop!”

I turned to her, looking innocent. “What?”

“That is not how you wake Dan up!”

I glared, “Fine, YOU get this lazy idiot up, and I‘ll give you 20.”
“Promise?” She asked walking up to Dan’s head.

I opened my purse and threw 20 dollars on the Bed.

She smiled and bent down over his head. As she got closer, I began to realize what she was doing, she wasn’t going to… KISS HIM?!?! I know she has her moments where I question her sanity, but this is just… Well, SHE’S 26!! AND HE’S 22! That’s just wrong. I winced she got close. Then she made me look like an idiot, well… both of us.

She took her finger, put it in her mouth, and stuck it in Dan’s ear.

Next was like… almost indescribable… it was like a mix of a hurricane, a tornado, and an earthquake, all at the same time.

Dan’s eyes jolted open, and he literally JUMPED out of bed yelling at the top of his lungs, her ran around his room screaming, while things fell of the shelves and his bed sheets were thrown everywhere, his dirty clothes basket when flying into the air and almost landed on Mira’s head, and when everything went into a blur, everything stopped, and the shower water turned on. He was… SHOWERING?! He usually takes a bath… unless I force him. I glanced at Mira and she smiled,

“He‘ll be done in 20 minutes, let‘s get in the car NOW.” Mira said, walking towards the door, picking up my twenty. I grumbled and followed.

“Have you been sleeping with my brother?” I asked calmly, I mean how else would she know this trick?

She looked back and winked at me.

I stared at her in disbelief. She… slept with… Dan…. She saw his… EWWW…. Ugh… Is she my best friend or an Alien?!?!!?

She then laughed. “No of course not.” She kept laughing as my disbelief turned to anger. “Your mom taught it to me one time when I slept over, I wanted to watch TV, and he was sleeping on the couch.”

My anger subsided as I opened the door to 2 people I knew very well, but it was probably VERY bad new they were here…

“Grilda?” I asked, half shocked, half worried.

Grilda’s face stayed still as she turned to the tall, thin, very attractive Shun next to her.

“FBI, Special Agent Shun Kazami.” He said. “This is my Partner, Dr. Grilda Diamond.”

“I know who you are Shun.” I said. “You‘re my cousins Partner.”

“Protocol Kasey.” He said. “Are you the Owner of the New Hyperspace Nightclub?”

“I‘m one of them, and you know that..” I said again. “Yeah, I know. Protocol.”

“We‘re here about a Murder Investigation..” Shun said. “That happened at your Nightclub.”
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New Hyperspace Nightclub[A Six Part Story]
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