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PostSubject: GREAT NEWS!   Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:00 am

Hey, guys! I have some exciting news for you.

Some of you may be aware that I visited on Friday and it seemed almost none of you could contain yourselves from asking me for the locking of brawls, moving of transaction merchandise, and other such brawling progress updates.

On AIM, Kasey mentioned that if I could hook the Bakugan Gauntlet up to create a saber battling system, then I should be able to make you an automated Bakugan profile updating system.

So, for the past few days I've done some research and after much trial and error, I think I may have finally found the answer to all your problems - the B.P.U. System.

The Brawler Profile Updater System (B.P.U.) is actually another dice roller that is once again custom programmed. It SHOULD be able to actually check for errors in brawls regarding Life Gauge postings, Gate Card/Trap/Attribute Change postings, mathematical errors, and can even cross-reference check the Brawler Profiles of the user to make sure the information they post is correct. You noticed the Bakugan Gauntlet destroying Mechanical Bakugan a few times? Well, I just used a similar but much lengthier code for this, and presto. It seems we've actually got an automated updater!

On top of all that, it can even lock posts in the Bakugan Stores (depositing points), provide BP updates and even level up a user if you just send the designated links to the BPU.


Now, be aware. This system is a prototype and is under a LOT of programming. It will not be automatic, and may take about 2-3 days tops to fulfill your requests. I ask you to be patient, because with this system we can revolutionize Bakugan New Hyperspace! Please note that the fewer errors in the brawls you send to it, the quicker it will complete them. Don't intentionally get lazy during a brawl and expect the BPU to automatically correct every error, because that would take far longer than it would if you were to make a few simple math errors.

The way this works is that you PM the user of this profile page:

So as to not confuse the system, you'll need to be very meticulous when sending it the information to update or lock.

"1." Signifies purchase completions.
"2." Signifies return completions.
"3." Signifies the locking of brawls.
"4." Signifies the updating of BP. (You must include this with each brawl you send it to lock, or it will ignore the BP increase!!!)

1. If the work needed is completion of a purchase, please provide the link to the completed purchase and the link to your brawling profile.
2. If the work needed is the removal of material from a profile due to a return, please provide the link to the completed return and the link to your brawling profile.
3. If the work needed is locking of brawls, please provide the link to the brawls. If these brawls result in the brawler being leveled up, please mention which level you need to be updated to.
4. If the work needed is BP updating, please provide the source(s) of the BP addition or subtraction.

So, in order for this to work, this would be an example of a request you would send the BPU system in a PM.


"Username: B.P.U. System
Subject: *anything you want*



+1000 from"


As you can see, the 3. line will recognize what you sent it as a brawl that needs to be locked. And the 4. line will be recognized as an increase or decrease of BP with the brawl that needs to be completed next to the number of increase/decrease (Kasey once sent me brawls that pertained to Fabia, who received the rewards of the brawl. Don't ask the BPU system to lock someone else's won brawl and update the BP for them, or it will not process the message correctly and think it is supposed to give the sender of the message the BP instead, which will be registered as an incorrect statement and won't be completed.)

If you plan to give the BPU system a larger request, then simply hit the return key for every request you make until you reach the next category (1., 2., etc.) like so.



+1000 from
+1000 from


Follow that template exactly. And do NOT send the BPU System more than ONE of the same category. That is to say, don't send it five "3."s and "4.s", just send it one. That's important to note, otherwise the system will freeze up.

It's a little tricky, but once you get the hang of it, there's really nothing to it. Just make sure you don't post any comments in the spaces reserved for the topic links, or it won't process them correctly and will just tell you that it can't be completed. It may take a few tries for some of you on the first job, but I have faith that you'll get the gist of it in a short period of time.

One final thing I absolutely need to tell you is that it can only take requests from the same user ONCE every 7 days, that's one week. So don't be afraid to send it a lot of requests in one PM, because that's all you get for the duration of that week.


And that's all there is to it! Let me know if you guys have any questions, because I know this may hard to understand for some of you. For those of you that do understand it fully, please try and help those who do not yet comprehend its function. Thanks in advance!
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