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 RULES OF MY HOME (Please read and obey :) )

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PostSubject: RULES OF MY HOME (Please read and obey :) )   Tue Mar 22, 2011 6:40 am

It's wonderful to see you all here. Smile I'll be your host for the duration of your visit.

The reason I've asked you all to join me here is because my home has a special invisibility cloak built into the mainframe and will mask the signal that our Gauntlets exert every second, even when they're deactivated. This is a huge advantage for us, giving us the time and space we need to plan a counterattack strategy that will hopefully defeat the Vexos, once and for all.

Please follow these crucial guidelines to ensure your experience here is a safe and enjoyable one.

Rule #1: There is, under no circumstances whatsoever, absolutely NO brawling allowed of any kind. Activating your Gauntlets will send out an unblockable signal to the Vexos and will automatically give them access to this secret forum. So please, completely refrain from brawling until further notice.

Rule #2: You should still be able to log into the chat box, but please don't divulge our location there. The Vexos seemed to have bugged our conversations and if it's even mentioned that you're here at my house, they'll scour Earth until they finally find it! Again, please keep the fact that you're here completely confidential.

Rule #3: Try not to post anywhere on Earth besides this forum, it strengthens our cover and won't give the Vexos any clues to our whereabouts.

But other than that, enjoy your stay and have fun! Smile
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RULES OF MY HOME (Please read and obey :) )
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