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 A Transmission...

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PostSubject: A Transmission...   Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:48 am

Hey Guys, when I went the MotherPalace with Kana, I set up a transmission interceptor without anyone knowing.

And well, it picked something up. It seems Hydron sent a Message to the Vexos in Training.

Quote :

I may be trapped in Motherpalace with the rest of them, but I'm still an administrator. So, here's my advice to the both of you. One of you leave the Vexos in Training publicly so that it can appear as a statistic in your Brawling Profile. Then, brawl in an undisclosed location, like the Planetoid. Not EVERYONE can see into that forum, and those who can likely aren't permitted to. This is a one-sided strategy, so only the Vexos member would be able to gain victories off of the team-less partner. However, when you're ready to exchange priority, just return to the Vexos, and the other leaves them. It's a foolproof plan, and I'll be sure to inform the others so you don't land in exile or worse for "betraying" us. Now go enact this plan and bring us results. We do require recruits... given the huge advantage the Resistance have over us in numbers. No thanks are necessary. You can repay me by actually becoming formidable for our final vie.


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PostSubject: Re: A Transmission...   Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:01 am

[19:30:52] Vanitas has logged off the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:30 pm

[19:31:24] Max joined the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:31 pm

[19:33:53] Vanitas joined the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:33 pm

[19:35:00] Vanitas : ...

[19:42:29] Max : ...

[19:43:18] Max :

[19:43:23] Max : Only in Alabama O__o

[19:50:04] Vanitas has been disconnected on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:50 pm (session timeout)

[19:54:42] Lync joined the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:54 pm

[19:54:51] Vanitas joined the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:54 pm

[19:55:00] Vanitas : o_O

[19:55:18] Vanitas : Lync are you alright?

[19:55:32] @ Lync : i heard we have one of your best brawlers captive in motherpalace Twisted Evil

[19:55:35] Vanitas : Last time you got off you were scared so are you alright dude?

[19:55:46] Vanitas : ?

[19:56:21] Vanitas : Are you going to be on GI?

[19:56:23] @ Lync : Evil or Very Mad what's that supposed to mean!? that whole thing never happened you got that!?!! if you don't want me to wipe you out now you'll do what i tell you!

[19:56:41] Vanitas : Ok

[19:56:51] Vanitas : I just wanted to know if you were alright ok?

[19:56:51] @ Lync : what's it to you? since when did you start taking so much interest in me? Rolling Eyes

[19:57:05] @ Lync : i couldn't be better! Evil or Very Mad

[19:57:12] @ Lync : Twisted Evil

[19:57:13] Vanitas : So who do you have captive?

[19:57:22] @ Lync : we have alysii trapped like a rat Razz

[19:57:56] Vanitas : -_-

[19:58:07] @ Lync : and you know, there's nothing you can do about it! Razz unless you wanna come out of hiding and pay us a visit Twisted Evil

[19:58:26] Max has been disconnected on Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:58 pm (session timeout)

[19:58:34] @ Lync : wait... i'll brb

[19:58:36] Vanitas : I'll come when I'm level 7

[19:58:46] Vanitas : Idk about Dan and them

[19:59:49] @ Lync : that slacking professor! Evil or Very Mad nevermind i take that back DON'T COME YET OR SHE'LL PAY THE PRICE GOT IT??!?!

Do you guys read that?
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PostSubject: Re: A Transmission...   Sun Aug 21, 2011 8:33 am

Here's the rest of it

[20:02:50] Max joined the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:02 pm

[20:02:50] Vanitas : So who else do you have captive?

[20:03:06] @ Lync : that's my little secret Twisted Evil how's it going max? Twisted Evil

[20:03:41] Vanitas : Max, don't overreact...

[20:03:52] Vanitas : So you admit you have someone else there?

[20:03:52] Max : Rolling Eyes Hello, Lyncy.

[20:04:12] @ Lync : listen up i'll make this short and simple DON'T come looking for us until i give the okay or else alysii gets sent right into the trash compactor! Twisted Evil

[20:04:15] @ Lync : and i'll do it too! Razz

[20:04:19] Max : What's a sad, small little Ventus brawler like you doing here? Don't you have a butt to kiss or something?

[20:04:33] Vanitas : Max, shut it

[20:04:47] @ Lync : you wanna be next? Twisted Evil

[20:04:49] Vanitas : One wrong move and....

[20:04:52] Max : And you wish. Rolling Eyes Hydron nor Zeno-Head wouldn't let you.

[20:05:03] Vanitas : Lync don't...

[20:05:12] Vanitas : Don't take Max

[20:05:13] * Max sighs.

[20:05:19] Max : What?

[20:05:30] @ Lync : why not? with her gone everybody knows dan would come searching Razz

[20:05:36] Vanitas : He has Alysii

[20:05:44] @ Lync : you make such a good couple Twisted Evil

[20:05:46] Max : .... Dan wouldn't. I am nothing to Daniel.

[20:06:05] Vanitas : -_-

[20:06:14] Vanitas : Lync wow... -_-

[20:06:14] Max : And he knows to take resposibilty before ANYTHING.

[20:06:31] @ Lync : you can't fool me Rolling Eyes he'll let his emotions get in the way easily

[20:06:41] Vanitas : I thought the Gundalian's future plans were extremely low -_-

[20:06:54] @ Lync : isn't that what happened when he brawled mira and gus in gamma?

[20:07:02] Max : He knows that I would hate him if he came after me.

[20:07:13] Max : So, therefore, he wouldn'

[20:07:15] Vanitas : Why couldn't Spectra just let me Kamakaze the Destroyer into the Motherpalace -_-

[20:07:18] Max : *wouldn't dare.

[20:07:20] @ Lync : you're still good bait Razz

[20:07:34] * Max narrows eyes.

[20:07:38] @ Lync : wait you're going to what?

[20:07:45] Vanitas : I'm not going to

[20:07:51] @ Lync : a suicide bombing? Razz boy you are desperate

[20:07:53] Vanitas : They wouldn't let me -_-

[20:08:08] Vanitas : Plus I'm not part Muslum

[20:08:14] Max : You know, Lync, you're really stupid. You think we don't have anything plan, when we most certainly do.

[20:08:32] @ Lync : and you're stupid denying your feelings for dan Razz

[20:08:37] Max : We are just waiting for all the cards to be played.

[20:08:47] Max : -_-; Dan is like my little brother.

[20:08:50] @ Lync : he has a girlfriend you know, what's her name again? rhino? Twisted Evil

[20:09:09] Max : I don't think of him like that. And yeah, I know. Runo. But last I checked, they can't date anymore.

[20:09:12] Vanitas : Runo broke up with him

[20:09:26] Vanitas : Well we all hated Spectra and he joined us

[20:09:27] Max : Because Dan moved.

[20:09:28] @ Lync : wow a child molester too? who'da thought? Razz

[20:09:50] Vanitas : If you joined us Lync you'd actually be respected

[20:09:51] Max : Rolling Eyes Whatever you say, you perverted little child.

[20:10:06] Vanitas : Dan's younger than her

[20:10:10] @ Lync : if i joined you i'd be bacon Rolling Eyes

[20:10:38] Max : Yeah, I'm 14 and he's 13. DOES NOT WORK, SMARTY. And true.

[20:10:48] @ Lync : king zenohead always gets his way and besides he has so much power why would i leave him? Razz

[20:11:06] Max : .... And you are both distracting me from finishing my video. -_-;

[20:11:09] Max : THANKS, GUYS.

[20:11:15] Vanitas : I thought you liked Alice (as friends at least)

[20:11:18] @ Lync : here this will help Twisted Evil

[20:11:20] max has been banned by Lync

[20:11:33] Vanitas : Or do you at all?

[20:11:45] @ Lync : WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK THAT!?!? Evil or Very Mad i don't care about alice at all I JUST HATE MASQUERADE WHO INJURED ME AND WRECKED ALUZE!!!!

[20:12:05] Vanitas : That's Masquerade

[20:12:07] @ Lync : and not to mention cheated in the brawl we won the subterra energy in!

[20:12:12] Vanitas : I guess it's because of the show XD

[20:12:43] @ Lync : whatever spectra actually did something right by blowing him away Rolling Eyes

[20:12:50] @ Lync : i just wish i could've been the one to do it

[20:12:51] Vanitas : How do you guys plan to get the fragment from a bakugan in limbo?

[20:13:18] @ Lync : beats me but the lazy professor and zenohead think of everything Razz

[20:13:47] Vanitas : I don't think Zenoheld will like you disrespecting his name like that -_-

[20:13:55] @ Lync : besides if i told you you'd try to fix the problem before we got to it Rolling Eyes i'm not stupid you know

[20:14:24] @ Lync : i'm not making fun of his name Razz

[20:14:41] @ Lync : i'm calling it the same thing you did since you idiots seem to see him that way Razz

[20:14:50] Vanitas : Anyways how could you lose with Alltair it's lik the ultimate level 4 bakugan XD

[20:15:03] @ Lync : because you're blind

[20:15:08] Vanitas : I don't call anyone names -_-

[20:15:11] Vanitas : *like

[20:15:12] @ Lync : ALTAIR IS THE WORST BAKUGAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evil or Very Mad

[20:15:44] Vanitas : Actually, Jake and I were talking before Hydron deathballed him we came up with an unbeatable strategy with him

[20:15:51] Vanitas : Well except for level 5 and above

[20:16:10] Vanitas : Well he did I just watched XD

[20:16:35] @ Lync : OH! and were you surprised to find out neptune's angel was mylene? Razz i knew it all along and it was a BLAST messing with her when she logged in to meet you guys

[20:16:48] @ Lync : i actually got to ban mylene Twisted Evil

[20:16:49] Vanitas : I wasn't

[20:17:01] Vanitas : Didn't you read when she was on?

[20:17:27] @ Lync : they sent me an e-mail and i found out today

[20:17:34] @ Lync : losers Rolling Eyes

[20:17:35] Vanitas : I pretty much just told Dan if he lets her in our base I'll do something very brutal

[20:17:51] @ Lync : we don't need your stupid base Razz

[20:17:52] Vanitas : In the c-box too XD

[20:18:12] @ Lync : we know that you're in marucho's house Twisted Evil

[20:18:19] @ Lync : and we know about bakugan interspace

[20:18:37] Vanitas : Wow Lync you fall for everything XD

[20:19:19] @ Lync : sure we can't get there since we're marooned on the S.S. useless but we're still gonna blow you out of the water Twisted Evil

[20:19:50] @ Lync : that deletion x code looked totally legit Evil or Very Mad

[20:20:04] @ Lync : anybody would've believed that!

[20:21:23] @ Lync : i'm not gullible like you Rolling Eyes i know the vit have a spy and i think i know who it is Twisted Evil

[20:21:34] Vanitas : ...

[20:21:53] @ Lync : in fact you have 2 spies

[20:22:02] Vanitas : 2?

[20:22:19] @ Lync : just how many vit are there? Rolling Eyes

[20:22:23] @ Lync : it's not hard to figure out

[20:22:31] Vanitas : Idk -_-

[20:22:35] Vanitas : I don't really care

[20:22:57] Vanitas : As Mylene said the VIT are worthless scumbags -_-

[20:23:01] @ Lync : yea me neither since vit are useless Razz they don't get half the real plans

[20:23:20] @ Lync : no way mylene was actually right

[20:23:26] Vanitas : I still don't know how I was a spy -_-

[20:23:30] @ Lync : didn't think that could ever be possible Rolling Eyes

[20:23:50] Vanitas : I said no plans and I was wanting to help you guys -_-

[20:23:55] @ Lync : you're chummy with dan and some other resistance so you got booted precautionally

[20:24:14] Vanitas : XD

[20:24:29] @ Lync : when i find that spy i'm gonna be the one to execute him Twisted Evil

[20:24:35] Vanitas : So is Volt -_-

[20:24:46] @ Lync : mylene got codename altair and shadow got deathmask this one's all mine!

[20:24:53] Vanitas : He's not a spy but he's nice

[20:25:01] @ Lync : you were supposed to go but mylene was stupid and couldn't work her saber Razz

[20:25:23] Vanitas : Why kill me though? -_-

[20:25:27] @ Lync : volt may be nice but he's loyal Twisted Evil

[20:25:36] Vanitas : It made no sense at all -_-

[20:25:49] @ Lync : you would say that Rolling Eyes

[20:26:16] Vanitas : True

[20:26:44] Vanitas : Will you be on the GI site?

[20:26:57] Vanitas : If so you should join the resistance for the heck of it XD

[20:27:04] @ Lync : i bet your house you seem really poor i bet your house doesn't even have garbage disposal Razz

[20:27:21] @ Lync : i'll think about it

[20:27:25] Vanitas : Where'd that come from?

[20:27:33] @ Lync : i only join the winning team if you get my drift Razz

[20:27:48] @ Lync : and there's no way you'll win with those odds

[20:28:00] Vanitas : If you guys do beat us the Gundalians will estroy you guys -_-

[20:28:16] Vanitas : Dharak can take on over 300 foes at once and easily win

[20:28:18] @ Lync : you're hilarious Razz

[20:28:47] @ Lync : dharak's a chump Rolling Eyes

[20:28:58] Vanitas : Wow I can tell you remind me of myself like 2 years ago -_-

[20:28:59] @ Lync : sure he's stronger than aluze but he's not stronger than farbros

[20:29:19] Vanitas : He's like Farbros on steroids

[20:29:23] Vanitas : M_D told us that

[20:29:36] Vanitas : Well Assail Farbros on steroids

[20:29:42] @ Lync : that's stupid it makes him invincible Rolling Eyes

[20:29:53] Vanitas : Not exactly

[20:30:09] @ Lync : what does he have like 8000 pts and +300 special shot?

[20:30:28] Vanitas : No but 1 ability can get him past 10,000 G's

[20:30:43] Vanitas : A weaker ability too

[20:30:54] @ Lync : you're full of it Rolling Eyes

[20:31:01] Vanitas : And the more foes he faces the stronger his ability is

[20:31:06] Vanitas : *abilities are

[20:31:12] @ Lync : i'll see you around loser Razz the resistance are as good as over

[20:31:18] Lync has logged off the chat on Sat Aug 20, 2011 8:31 pm
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PostSubject: Re: A Transmission...   Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:51 pm

Meaning they have Alysii

I should've taken everything out except the important stuff about that though...
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PostSubject: Re: A Transmission...   Mon Aug 22, 2011 4:10 am

Considering what Lync nervously blurted out, it seems that the Vexos aren't prepared for our ambush of the MotherPalace. We should use that to our advantage and strike while the iron's hot so they won't see it coming. Wink Finish up everything you're in progress of everyone, because we're nearing the end of our training session.
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PostSubject: Re: A Transmission...   

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A Transmission...
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