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 Songs of Heaven, Screeches of Hell

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PostSubject: Songs of Heaven, Screeches of Hell   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:40 am

This is a bakugan fan fic from another site, so, enjoy!


Gazerius' humongous form stood on the barren field, his head dropped low to the figure laying prone on the ground. His red irses scanning it, Gazerius' 'partner' standing on the ground next to it. He growled slightly, his massive throat sounding like a monster. "So... Bakugan, if you can even be called that, would you be willing to make a deal with me?" The Prone figure seemed to shake, a half lump of flesh covered with eyes covering most of the remains of his body. The others were jutted bones and blood vessels. Its jaw opened, a sound coming from it strong, yet demented and weakened. "That depends on what it is." The bakugan said, its name being Nightmare. Gazerius seemed to smile, and spoke immediately. "These souls you have taken. I would take them myself, and then give you your broken body back. You know that I could take them anyway, so I should suppose you take my offer." The prone figure, Nightmare, looked up and nodded. "Yes." Negatus Paced impatiently, several yards away, where Gazerius told him to wait. He somewhat regretted the deal he had made with his Bakugan, but its ancient power gave him a great edge. Even with the screming he heard, the flames he saw leaping, the shadows gathering, he felt no pity for the bakugan. It had come for Gazerius, and Gazerius had brough down his might like a hammer. All he had to do was wait.Gazerius looked at his work. Around the prone figure of the new Nightmare was a sealing Pentagram, a second one carved into the beings chest. Its new body was filled with satan's fire, his jutting bone jaw sealed together, stained with darkness. Its entire body was covered with eyes, a single dark line in the center of the pentagram. Its body was gathered around with shadows, and Gazerius chuckled, if that was what you could call it. "Perfect...."Negatus stood once the sound stopped from his sitting postion, dusting himself off, he began to turn, until he saw the girl walking toawrd him, the grass whipping around her legs.

Isabelle was sprinting through some sort of field. The air was...strangely thick. "Yang..." She said between gasps for breath. "Are you SURE he went this way...?" Floating just ahead of her was a Bakugan, in ball form, that seemed Darkus, but had a secondary color of gold like a Haos Bakugan. This was her most trusted Bakugan, Demon Wing Yang."Yes, I am sure." He said, restraining himself from cursing. "That fool is the last of his kind, his energy signature is unique. I know it when I sense it." Suddenly, the Bakugan stopped moving and Isabelle skid to a halt beside him."What're we stopping for?!" She asked, worried about Nightmare. "Is he dead? Is his energy gone? What's the deal?" Yang was silent for a moment before responding. "There's in his energy signature...I can't really explain it..."Isabelle began to run in the direction they had been moving in, ignoring that Yang remained behind. "I don't care right now! He could be dead and we wouldn't know!" As she drew closer, she began to make out the faint outline of two figures. One lay silent and unmoving on the ground, and the other towered over it.Yang suddenly appeared on Isabelle's shoulder, uneasiness flowing through his thoughts. "What's wrong Yang? What's going on...?" Yang only remained silent in disbelief of what he saw. He couldn't be dead could he?"I...I think that's Nightmare, Isabelle." He said, in a deep, monotone voice. Isabelle's eyes widened as the downed figure became familiar to her. "Nightmare!" Isabelle yelled, breaking into a run with Yang on her shoulder.

Negatus saw her begin to run, and his eyes swiveled to her figure. She wsa curvy, with long black hair and wore clother that made her appear dark and miserable. He smiled slightly, a small grin that lifted the corners of his mouth. She was actually attractive. And by the way she moved, he could tell she was Adjusted to bakugan, especially by the bakuan in front of her. His scar burned slightly as he used some of Gazerius' power. Sometimes, he loved his deal with the satanic dragon, he thought as he transported in front of her.Gazerius turned as he heard the voice, and the slight drain in his power as Negatus transported to the girl. Strange, the dragon thought, I could tell there's something familiar... Something....Negatus stodd out in front of the girl, his scar shining slightly in the light. He looked at her quisically, and smiled. "You know, you actually are pretty good looking."

Isabelle screamed loudly and almost jumped a foot in the air when a boy appeared in front of her. "Okay, for one thing, NEVER do that again..." She said, gasping for breath. "And second, what did you do to Nightmare? He doesn't even look ali- ...wait...Good looking?" She had started to ask about Nightmare, but trailed off at the odd compliment.Yang jumped forward in front of the boy. "Listen pal, the only thing keeping me from tearing you apart right now is the fact that YOU know what happened here. So cough up your information, or I will personally unleash the powers of hell at levels you have never seen."

Negatus continued to smile, his odd eye remaining focused on the bakugan. Then, he spoke again, his voice slightly cheerful. "Yeah. Of course..." He said, rubbing his chin, "You are probally to young for me. Anyway!" He said, clapping his hands, and turning to the bakugan, "I suppose that Nightmare is that sack of bones and flesh? Well, he almost died. I suppose he isn't any more... With Gazerius and his deals... But yeah. He's probally alive and well, at anything unconcious, and a little improved. Though, I'm surprised you didn't ask about the scar and eye... I'd be happy to fill you in on it if you walk with me there, as well." His smile lit up again, and he held out his hand. Gazerius trained his mind harder. He knew there was something over there that was similar to him. Why couldn't he recognize it? Why?

Isabelle looked up at Negatus. "So then...he's OK, right?" Looking over his shoulder, Isabelle saw Nightmare move slightly, attempting to get to his feet. "Hey! Nightmare! Over here buddy!" She called, waving wildly.But as light began to fill his features, she almost screamed. Nightmare had never exactly been 'pretty' for sure, but this was a stretch even for the undead Bakugan.Sure enough, Nightmare recognized the girl almost instantly and uneasiness filled him. I can't let them see Gazerius... He thought, knowing full well what could happen. So instead, he simply returned to his ball form, floating right up to Isabelle.Yang approached Nightmare himself. "He seems...different. Something has fluctuated in his power..." He said, suspicion clouding his voice. "What did you do to him?"Isabelle just shrugged. "Yang, relax, maybe he just evolved again, who knows?"

Negatus began to open his mouth as the girl ran past him. He glared angrily past her, and caught up with her at ease. He spoke as they each ran. "You know, thats annoying." his voice dark, "And no, he didn't evolve. It might seem th-" He suddenly cut off as he accidently ran into her and fell back. Rubbing his head, he sat up, still speaking. "That he is, but that is wrong. Very, very wrong. Ask Gazerius if you want." He said, Pointing at the humongous figure looming above them.Gazerius blinked as the two humans and bakugan came up to the bakugan he had embodied with Satan's Fire and seal. The familiarization reared back as he saw the small ball-form bakugan. He felt it, and breathed down on the group. "So thats this things name?"

Isabelle almost fell forward when Negatus ran into her, but somehow managed to keep her balance. "OK, OW." She said, stretching out her back. Then, looking up, her eyes widened. "Wow...uhhh...yeah, this is Nightmare..." It was pretty obvious she was terrified of the Bakugan.Yang, noticing decided to take over speaking. "Yeah, that's Nightmare, that's Isabelle, and I'm Yang. Now if he didn't evolve, what did you do to him to make him seem so different?" Nightmare's ball form opened and his voice rang out in the minds of all nearby in a dark, demonic tone. "Oh, nothing really Yang. All he did was save me from spending my life as your inferior..."Yang turned and faced Nightmare. "What do you mean? You were to a point where your race couldn't evolve anymore!"Nightmare only chuckled. "Don't ask me, ask him." He said, gesturing to Gazerius. "He figured it all out for me..."

Gazerius, well, Gazed at them, his red irises scanning coldy. A deep rumbling issued from his throat, and seemed to be a laugh. Cold, resonating, and humourless, yet still a laugh. "Yes, I helped him. Though not away from his partner. He can do it if he wishes, yet he doesn't. He might afterwards, but not now." He said, his eyes still scanning over them, "And no, I did not evolve him. I gave him Satan's Fire. At least, thats what you humans call it." His head then swiveled back to the one the girl had labled as Yang, and breathed a slight fire from his nostrils. "And you. Where did you get Raziel's Inferno?"

Isabelle, scared stiff, just stared at the Bakugan. Every instinct was telling her to run away as fast as possible, but both fear and curiosity rooted her to the spot.Yang however, did not have the ability to fear something. "Raziel's Inferno? I don't have a clue what you're talking about buddy. The closest thing to an inferno I can do is blast some fire out of my hands on some of my attacks."Nightmare chuckled darkly yet again. "Well, what a disappointment..."With that, Yang turned on Nightmare again. "You just shut your mouth! You don't have any right to speak. I'd call you spineless, but your spine is about all you've got now, isn't it?"

"This way. They shouldn't be far now..."A small Haos Bakugan with a purple finish, rather than the usual gold, was leading a boy through a seemingly empty area. The boy was known as Chase, and the Bakugan known as Angel Wing Yin."They better be close, or I'm going to wring her neck the moment we find her..." Chase muttered with his fists clenched. How could Isabelle run off like that in the middle of the night? She could be dead, starving, who knows! At least she'd had the sense to bring Yang with her, so Chase and Yin could at least TRACK her."Just please, trust me Chase. I've walked alone with my brother for years upon years, I know his energy signature by now." She said. She may have sounded calm, but there was a clear edge in her voice, as if she expected something to be wrong.Truth be told, along with Yang and Isabelle's energy signature, there were 3 others there. One was clearly a human, as tainted as it was. Easily based as male, adult age, but something was wrong with him. It was as though he were tainted with the energy of a Bakugan's attribute, but not like she had ever sensed before.Then the second was just plain odd. It seemed just faintly familiar, but at the same time completely alien to her. It was almost as though something had changed within them, although she couldn't quite place it.Then with the third, something became painfully clear to her. All three lifeforms surrounding Isabelle and her brother had the same type of energy. That same dark, alien energy."Chase...we need to hurry." She said, breaking off ahead of Chase, leaving him to sprint after her."Why Yin? What's the deal? Is something wrong with her?!" He took her silence as a yes and continued to spring after her. If Isabelle weren't going to be OK, he would never forgive himself.Eventually, a huge figure came into view, towering over two human figures. "Isabelle!" He called out at the top of his lungs, running up to them with Yin again perched on his shoulder.

Negatus sighed as he noticed the other figure approaching, a bakugan floating in front of him. "This is getting annoying..." He said in an undertone, lifting his left hand towards them, a faint purple energy forming in his palm as his scar bean to sting.Gazerius raised his head, staring at the running figure. His eyes were dark and hazard, his breath breathing a slight bit of fire. "Another of Raziel's Children. What is this?" His acute hearing picked up Negatus' movement, and the tug at his power. "Stop, Negatus," He said without moving, "I am curious as to what Ra-" His head swiveled back to them, his eyes dilated. "Raziels Children. No. Yu are not just that... You... You are both also that of mine."

Chase skid to a halt beside Isabelle, just barely avoiding crashing into her. Looking up, he just began to catch Gazerius' speech.Yin floated high above the ground, until she was at eye level with him. Staring deep into his eyes, she attempted to read his thoughts, but was pushed back by some dark, forboding energy. Either way, if this Bakugan knew who they were, Yin couldn't pass it up. "I do not know who this Raziel character is that you speak of. I am simply Angel Wing Yin, evolved from Chamilican Yin. Yang is my twin brother. We never knew our mother, nor our father, so we've walked alone together. If what you're saying is true, then I'd like to know exactly what all of this is about."Yang, who had been arguing with Nightmare until this time, rose up next to Yin. "Yeah bud, I don't know who you are or what you're talking about, but you seem to know who we are. If I find out you're lying about this, then so help me..."

Gazerius looked at the small sphere. Te light of angel was stronger in this one, and the stench of demon was stronger in th other. His eyes closed and he slowly reared his head back up, jets of fire issuing from his nostrils as he rose. His voice spoke slowly and deliberately, as if he had nowhere to go, and he really didn't. One eye opened halfway lazily. "Sit down, all of you. Thhis is a long story and very important." He motioned at them, and began his sotry. "Long ago, in the beginning of time, Raziel and I came into existence. Almost exactly opposite of one another, yet that was probally what caused us to do it. You see... We created Vestroia."

Chase and Isabelle did as they were told, no longer seeing much danger in this Bakugan, no matter how he looked. Sitting down in the grass, they listened to his story in slight confusion.Yang was the first to speak. "Yeah, sorry to interrupt gramps, but wouldn't that make ALL Bakugan your offspring? I mean come on, if you two combined your powers and created Vestroia, then you did the same and created all of the Bakugan!"Yin remained silent, sinking down and sitting on Chase's shoulder.

Gazerius closed his eye and shook his head slowly. "Raziel and I each had an offspring. These offspring mated, and it went through to create the only true species of bakugan. The Chmicilan's. I thought all of them were dead, anyway... But I see that they aren't." He spoke, his voice measured and deep, "And no. I am not the father of all bakugan with Raziel. We created Vestroia, with a massive core. These eventually hadsplit into three seperate items. One of them remained as estroia's core, the main physical energy for all bakugan. Naga was known to have split these at one time into the Silent and Infinity cores. Anyway, the other two cores were labled by humans as the Element, which, of course, gave bakugan their attributes with leaking energy. After that, the humans and gundalians, a newly existing diension, labled the last Code Eve. This was the only concious energy fusion, and was the rason bakugan came to life, and could speak. It is the origin of bakugans'.... Souls. All in all, other bakugan... Were accidents."

Yin just sat silently throughout the speech. "I see...well most of us ARE dead. Yang and I are all that is left of our race. Is it...possible for either of us to evolve any further?" Yin, like Yang, naturally had a hunger for power. The two had come to accept it as a part of being a Darkus Chamilican. Although Yin's was clearly weaker than Yang's, a result of her being mostly of the Haos attribute.Yang, on the other hand, had barely been listening, and glaring at Nightmare this whole time. "Hehe, ya hear that Nightmare? You were a mistake! Little 'oops' on the face of Vestroia! At least I was supposed to be there!"Isabelle just grabbed Yang and seperated him from Nightmare. "Yang, I swear, one of these days you need to learn to shut up..."

Gazerius lifted a giant claw, and pointed at Yang. "I can evolve you. Yin must be evolved by Raziel, due to your main alliance. All of it depends on if you want to go through the journey to find him. And for you, Yang, it would be extremely painful. I have no idea what would happen, or if you would survive. And even if you searched for Raziel, I doubt you could find him. He can only be found when he wishes to be found... Unless you wish to make a deal with me."

Yang laughed and floated away from Isabelle. "I can't even remember the last time I've felt pain! You my friend, you have a deal."Isabelle looked at Yang in disbelief and then at the ancient Bakugan. "Well...If Yang WANTS to do this, then...who am I to stop him, right?" Then she glanced at Negatus and added quickly "But I'm not getting one of those creepy scars, just saying now."Then Chase stood up holding Yin. "I guess we'd better start looking for this Raziel Bakugan then, shouldn't we? After all, if he's the one who can evolve you what choice do we have?" Yin only nodded to Gazerius before floating into Chase's hand and he went to stand with Isabelle. "Whatever happens...make sure you both stay safe."
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Songs of Heaven, Screeches of Hell
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