Bakugan Hyperspace (New Vestroia)

The next installment of Bakugan Hyperspace! Even more action packed and thrilling than the prequel!
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 Behold your new master! Welcome to Spectra's Reign, pitiful Resistance.

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PostSubject: Behold your new master! Welcome to Spectra's Reign, pitiful Resistance.   Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:00 am

Greetings, Resistance.

If you haven't looked around you and noticed my very subtle aesthetic changes to everything you have fought to exhaustion for, you had best wake up. Simply because the world you fought so tirelessly to protect is now being stolen again, just as you had tasted the start of its restoration. The past endeavors of Zenoheld enlightened me about one thing. By my hand, I took down the Alternative alone, with you riding my coat tails. My weapons created such a force powerful enough to obliterate any and all enemies opposing me, including the massive Alternative. The Resistance is not a feeble exception of this, nor is anything in existence. Now that it's all over for Zenoheld and the Vexos, nothing stands in my way to take the reign I was always destined to hold; Supreme Lord of the Universe, of everything that dares call itself free!

I hope you relished the last sunset you witnessed, because there will be no such image of reverie as that to look forward to. Not now, not EVER! Consider yourself admonished and drop your hopes down the chasms of the forgotten. My rule is absolute! It cannot be desisted. Just realize you have only harbored a monster and, with the spoils of victory, has been awoken again and is unleashed with a blood lust consumed vengeance.

Enjoy my reign, Resistance. I know you'll find it more appealing than the manner that amateur Zenoheld commanded his miserable empire.
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Behold your new master! Welcome to Spectra's Reign, pitiful Resistance.
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