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The next installment of Bakugan Hyperspace! Even more action packed and thrilling than the prequel!
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 Alpha Purchase - Snake Akuryou

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PostSubject: Alpha Purchase - Snake Akuryou   Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:20 am

Power Level = 250
Life Force = ۞56۞
Stand Success = 60%
Defense = 2
Special Shot = +35

PRICE: 2500 BP

Power Level = 250
Life Force = ۞50۞
Stand Success = 70%
Defense = 2
Special Shot = +28

PRICE: 2500 BP

Aquos Whirlpool: Increases your Aquos Bakugan's power level by 50 points and decreases your opponent's Bakugan's power level by 150 points.

PRICE: 1000 BP

Total:: 6000 BP

I Believe this shall leave me with a total of 500, directed at whomever the shop controller is now. Whether it be the Lord or Clay, direct me if my pricing figures are incorrect.
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Alpha Purchase - Snake Akuryou
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