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 GIF CHALLENGE: Avengers - Loki

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PostSubject: GIF CHALLENGE: Avengers - Loki   Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:35 am

The 13th is your reaction when you first see Loki:

Your 2nd GIF is Loki’s reaction to you:

The 61st GIF is The Avengers’ reaction to you being kidnapped:

9th to last GIF is how you feel about being in Loki’s hostage cell:

Loki comes up to you with his evil smirk and you react with your 44th GIF:

The feelings you and Loki share for each other are your 23rd GIF:

What you want to do to Loki is the 27th GIF:

The conversation you share is the 6th GIF:

Loki is developing feelings for you! Your reaction is your 7th GIF:

The last GIF is your reaction when the Avengers break you out of the cell:

Loki’s reaction when he has lost you is your 19th GIF:

Your 11th GIF is how you feel about finally being free:

How you react when the time to fight Loki and his army begins is your 13th to last GIF:

How you react to Hulk smashing Loki all over the ground is your 100th GIF:

Loki is captured and taken away back to Asgard and your reaction is a random chosen GIF:
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GIF CHALLENGE: Avengers - Loki
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