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The next installment of Bakugan Hyperspace! Even more action packed and thrilling than the prequel!
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 Bakugan New Hyperspace Timeline

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PostSubject: Bakugan New Hyperspace Timeline   Thu Sep 13, 2012 8:38 am

Thank you to everyone who is still anxiously awaiting the official unveiling of GI Hyperspace coming this September. As a reward for all of your remarkable patience and understanding, I've put together a listed sequence of significant events that covers the entire story line of Bakugan Hyperspace (New Vestroia) in chronological order. I apologize that I can't provide you with anything new right now, but to wet your appetites for the VERY soon arrival of the Gundalian Invaders installment of Bakugan Hyperspace, feel free to experience the entire story of New Vestroia from start to finish, or in any order you choose. Who knows? With over 40 notable occurrences, there might even be one or two you've missed during your time spent here... Wink

01. Example Brawl: Mylene Vs. Spectra

02. Mechanical Bakugan debut: Mira Vs. Lync

03. Baron's Tribulation: Ace Vs. Baron

04. Baron's Confidence Boost: Mira Vs. Baron

05. Baron's Redemption: Baron Vs. Ace

06. Fear Monger: Baron Vs. Shadow

07. Luck Vs. Skill: Dan Vs. Gus

08. Underwater Scuffle: Marucho Vs. Mylene

09. A Rivalry is Born: Dan Vs. Ace

10. The First Encounter: Dan & Shun Vs. Gus & Spectra

11. Alpha City Tournament: *Finalists* Vs. Lync & Volt

12. Brawl 'til Dawn: Dan Vs. Baron

13. Seismic Showdown: Mira Vs. Gus

14. Double Take: Mira Vs. Gus

15. Setting Sun: Dan Vs. Spectra

16. Evolutionary Breakthrough: Dan Vs. Spectra

17. Mira's Betrayal: Mira Vs. Dimensional Transporter (Laser Sabers)

18. Playing for Keeps: Mira Vs. Ace Vs. Dan Vs. Marucho

19. Beta City Tournament: *Finalists* Vs. Shadow & Mylene

20. Taking Charge: Dan Vs. Spectra

21. Gamma City Trap: Mylene Vs. Ace & Baron / Shadow Vs. Marucho / Volt Vs. Shun / Dan & Ace Vs. Mira & Gus

22. Clash of the Titans: Dan Vs. Spectra

23. Clash of the Titans Pt. 2: Dan Vs. Spectra Pt. 2

24. Love Hurts: Mira Vs. Ace (Laser Sabers)

25. Test Drive: Prince Hydron Vs. Mylene, Shadow, Volt, & Lync

26. The Sky's the Limit: Dan Vs. Spectra (Laser Sabers)

27. A Siren's Tears: Mylene Vs. Klaus

28. Face of Despair: Lync Vs. Chan

29. The Return of Masquerade: Mylene & Lync Vs. Mira & Alice/Masquerade

30. A Tragic Reunion: Volt Vs. Gus

31. No Prize for Second Place: Masquerade Vs. Gus

32. Evil Vs. Ruthless: Spectra & DarkusPhoenix Vs. Masquerade

33. A Golden Miracle: Dan Vs. Spectra

34. Potential Unlocked: Dan Vs. Keith

35. Training Complete: Dan Vs. Keith

36. Storming the Palace: Ace & Marucho Vs. Mylene & Volt / Baron & Shun Vs. Shadow & Lync / Mira Vs. Hydron

37. Checkmate: Dan, Keith, & Gus Vs. King Zenoheld

38. Stall Tactics: Keith & Gus Vs. King Zenoheld

39. Breaking the Code: Dan & Drago Vs. Professor Clay (no struggle)

40. Free the Bakugan!: The Resistance Vs. energy barrier cell

41. Matter Resolved: Dan, Ace, & Baron Vs. Professor Clay

42. War Over Earth: The Resistance Vs. The Vexos (AWS)

43. Ultimate Betrayal: Spectra & Gus Vs. New Vestroia (no struggle)

44. The Doomsday Tournament: *Finalist* Vs. Lord Spectra

45. Destiny Duel: Dan Vs. Lord Spectra (Laser Sabers)

46. Tempting Fate: Dan Vs. Lord Spectra (Laser Sabers)

47. Hope for the Future: Linus Vs. collapsing core (no struggle)
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Bakugan New Hyperspace Timeline
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