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 Alpha City Tag-Team Tournament Has Officially Begun.

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PostSubject: Alpha City Tag-Team Tournament Has Officially Begun.   Thu May 27, 2010 5:30 am

The long-awaited Alpha City tag-team tournament has officially begun, brawlers. All of the following will be expected to compete tonight:

ingram212 - Level 1 Brawler
spectrahelios - Level 2 Brawler
Death_mask - Level 3 Brawler
Al Capone2 - Level 2 Brawler
Jake27 - Level 2 Brawler
german soldier - Level 1 Brawler
Blaze Battleblood - Level 1 Brawler
Dr. Haos - Level 1 Brawler
Hunter Serge - Level 1 Brawler
RogueZ - Level 2 Brawler
Lorddarkus - Level 3 Brawler
AlphaDragon - Level 1 Brawler
masteringram - Level 1 Brawler
yugi58 - Level 1 Brawler
Baron - Level 5 Brawler
Marucho - Level 5 Brawler
Ace - Level 5 Brawler
Mira - Level 5 Brawler

Allow me to lay down the law for you anxious competitors. Our primary goal tonight is to rule out all of the small fries in this little competition. In order to separate the men from the boys, half of you will be leaving this Battle Dome with nothing. According to levels, I will randomly assign you opponents that you must eliminate in order to divide this entire group in half.

Also, for having lost every single Bakugan in his brawler profile, spectrahelios is automatically disqualified from the tournament.

Here are the randomized match-ups:

1. german soldier Vs. AlphaDragon
2. Dr. Haos Vs. Blaze Battleblood Vs. Jake27
3. Al Capone2 Vs. RogueZ
4. Marucho Vs. Baron
5. masteringram Vs. ingram212
6. yugi58 Vs. Hunter Serge
7. Ace Vs. Mira
8. Lorddarkus Vs. Death_mask

Your brawls will take place simultaneously and will be located in the attached "Alpha City Brawling" forum within this one. I expect to see you there soon. That goes for everyone.
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Alpha City Tag-Team Tournament Has Officially Begun.
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