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 Change of Heart: Fabia's story

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PostSubject: Change of Heart: Fabia's story   Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:48 am

Rough Draft! xD ... more like preview...

Reason for one-shot: Boredom and Curiosity

Summary- She didn’t want a partner. She may be a princess, but she wasn’t a damsel in distress. She didn’t need any help. She kept telling herself this.

Blunette hair danced in the chilling wind. The owner pressed a hand briefly to her head and suppressed her unruly hair. She sighed deeply and glanced upward. Her eyes became as dark and hazy as the sky above her.

“I don’t need him” She looked at her feet.

“I don’t need anybody”

--------- A Change of Heart --------

The young Neathian Princess continued to sit on the park bench and sulk, despite the dark clouds rolling over her like stormy ocean waters. She scuffed her feet against the ground angrily.

“Who did that Bakugan think he was!” she glowered, “I don’t take orders from anyone!” She continued to complain, recalling the most recent bakugan her parents had chosen for her.
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Change of Heart: Fabia's story
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