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 A word, your highness?

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PostSubject: A word, your highness?   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:46 am

As Mira, I've uncovered some stunning information about the Brawlers.

First of which is that our newest member "Ryan_G-O-D" is Jake27 in disguise. For evidence, see this saved conversation that I've forwarded to my gmail address.

I also have information about Mira and her issues with her father and brother "Corey". There is also Dan and the Dragonoid discussing plans for escaping Earth. And much more...

9:56 PM xxjake69xx: Hey Mira
me: Hi.
xxjake69xx: Is Dan online by any chance?
9:57 PM me: No, sorry.
xxjake69xx: Drat.
Hey I have a question,
does the newest register user still say
9:58 PM me: Yes.
xxjake69xx: Then the plan was a success B-)
me: What plan?
xxjake69xx: I outsmarted Hydron
9:59 PM me: Really? How?
xxjake69xx: Well with me being banned I needed new access
Then I remembered the playstation 3 comes with an internet access
So I used that and found out the IP for a PS3 is
10:00 PM me: Interesting.
xxjake69xx: But to completely ensure Hydron wouldn't find out I needed a new e-mail to complete it
so using a random name and 4 random numbers
The e-mail came to be
and Ryan_G-O-D was born as my access
10:01 PM me: Ingenius, well done.
xxjake69xx: Plus I remembered one more thing that I might find useful
remember how Ace had Drago get Spectra's IP address
10:02 PM me: Yes.
Which means he could also be using his access through PS3 connection
me: I see.
10:03 PM xxjake69xx: and the IP of Ryan cannot be banned otherwise Spectra would be banned as well
me: So, to unveil Spectra's IP address, we would also need to reveal yours as well. But we're not going to go that far just to find out a little something about Spectra.
And excellent cover.
10:04 PM xxjake69xx: and Dan said I wouldn't be able to pull it off B-)
me: Well, that's Dan for you.
10:05 PM xxjake69xx: Still, can I ask you something. Do you think I can trust Ace with a promise he kept.
me: Of course you can.
xxjake69xx: Good, mental note quit listening to Dan
10:06 PM me: I agree.
xxjake69xx: Because Ace realized that my banning was partially due to him and he noticed I was demoted to level 1 and he promised to help me level up again, but I have no clue how he can do that
10:07 PM me: If I know Ace he'll come up with something.
xxjake69xx: and how is your brawl with Mr. Grav
10:08 PM me: It came out to a tie.
xxjake69xx: O_O
Wow I hate being banned even more now
10:09 PM me: Yeah, we both attacked Trap Bakugan and both battles were won by separate brawlers.
xxjake69xx: ah
like Dan and Ace
me: Exactly.
10:10 PM xxjake69xx: I'm gonna guess 4-5 pages
me: Let me just check.
10:15 PM 7 pages.
xxjake69xx: 2 off
10:16 PM Still I don't understand one thing
Why hasn't Shun joined the resistance by now
me: I'll ask Dan the next time I get the chance.
xxjake69xx: I have a theory but I'm nont sure
10:17 PM me: A theory? Do tell.
xxjake69xx: That if he does the neutrals will no longer have a leader
10:18 PM me: That's true.
xxjake69xx: Although Rogue or Mustang might end up promoted to leader
10:19 PM me: Possible.
10:22 PM I'd hate to be dishonest and sly but I hear you saw the Vexos base? Is there anything you can report?
10:23 PM xxjake69xx: Max ratted out grumpygrinch as Rsteg
A lot of Codename Altair Spam
Max posted Dan's weaknesses and embarrassing secrets to throw him off in battle
(removed by Volt)
10:24 PM and the Vexos In Training rulebook
(Spectra is one strict guy)
me: I can tell...
10:25 PM xxjake69xx: but apparently there are a couple requirements to become full fledged Vexos
10:26 PM me: Ah. Well, I've lost the URL to the secret site for Resistance meetings. Could you remind me what it is again?
xxjake69xx: I was never told
me: Oh. I thought I told Dan to tell you.
10:27 PM xxjake69xx: He didn;t
and Ace doesn't know
me: Some base it turned out to be...
xxjake69xx: Dan is busy until his move
me: Okay.
xxjake69xx: Marucho is the only hope it seems
me: Can someone contact him?
xxjake69xx: Dan or Shun
10:28 PM me: When is Dan's move?
xxjake69xx: Or I think I got it
You call Wilda who calls Drago who calls Elfin who calls Marucho
me: We don't need him that badly for the moment.
xxjake69xx: Ok
10:29 PM me: I'll ask another time.
xxjake69xx: Still
I think I may have met Baron O_O
me: Did you?
xxjake69xx: I wasn't sure
but the other day I was at Meijer
10:30 PM and there was a guy around 12-14 in the toy aisle in the bakugan area and he seemed hyper but then faded to normal
me: I think you mean Major.
xxjake69xx: Major?
me: Meijer... Never mind.
10:31 PM Sounds like it could be him.
I'll ask Dan later.
xxjake69xx: I wasn't sure, but I was gonna ask if his name was Brian
but then it would just be plain creepy
me: I see.
10:32 PM xxjake69xx: Still, form what I saw in promotion to Vexos requirements
10:33 PM Spectra doesn't consider Baron a threat
me: He isn't.
We'll need to fix that.
xxjake69xx: Well he did beat You,Ace, and Shadow
me: Well, anyone can beat Shadow.
10:34 PM xxjake69xx: XD
Everyone knows he wouldn't be a brawler if not for his mechanical monster
10:35 PM me: Right.
xxjake69xx: Same with Lync
me: Lync is even weaker.
xxjake69xx: That was a cheap shot
Mech's can't be captured
me: Oh, that.
10:36 PM Yes, Professor Clay did say that didn't he? I think it's too powerful for a single Bakugan.
xxjake69xx: That is what gave Mustang his new idea for power
me: What idea?
10:37 PM xxjake69xx: He's going to purchase Altair and Wired and try to become the strongest Ventus Brawler
knowing that his bakugan can't be captured then
me: Lync may be feeble, but against a recruit, he's a champion.
10:38 PM Well, champion may be pushing it.
xxjake69xx: Elico and I can beat him, but only as level 5, level 4 still won't be enough
10:39 PM me: What has your sights set on Elico?
xxjake69xx: He's always been a favorite
me: And will you try to best Mylene?
xxjake69xx: Not in my current stature
me: Will you in time?
xxjake69xx: eventually
10:40 PM me: Well, I wish you good luck inthat.
xxjake69xx: I'm just concerned with one thing
the fact she now possesses a Hammersaur
me: Yes, could be deadly. We should watch your backs.
our backs, I mean.
10:41 PM xxjake69xx: But thats where my partner comes in
Rogue and I have plans for each and every Vexos
besides Spectra
me: What's your plan for Gus?
10:42 PM xxjake69xx: Well we both figured his abilitys will be used on Vulcan
So I throw the first round to make my life gauge lower than 250
10:43 PM Then we go into next round
Abilitys played
He'll get over-confident and throw Hammersaur
then Rogue comes in with his Hammersaur and Atchibee
10:44 PM negate Gus' ability
Use Darkus Vortex and Vermillion Jet-Black
and considering if double throws stand
we may be able to capture his Vulcan and others in use
10:45 PM me: And your strategy against Mylene?
xxjake69xx: May need revising now due ot her Hammersaur
At first it was simple
Use Epsilon and Cool Snail to prevent her abilitys
10:46 PM get my double throws
Rogue saves the day
and we capture from her
me: You know that it won't fool them twice, right?
xxjake69xx: (Rogue will need his guardian so the ones that we end up receiving will be turned over to the characters)
me: After the third battle, they'll be prepared.
10:47 PM xxjake69xx: Not if they are as over confident as Shadow
me: True.
xxjake69xx: Spectra and Volt are our only true problems
10:48 PM me: Spectra isn't really all that.
He's just blessed with power...
10:49 PM xxjake69xx: Well his hidden ability and burst core are what we worry of
me: Hidden Ability?
xxjake69xx: Nova Blazer
10:50 PM me: Oh.
I forgot, sorry.
xxjake69xx: It's alright
10:53 PM Which just leaves Volt as not a threat, but a challenge
10:54 PM me: I think I should go now. Great talking to you.
10:55 PM xxjake69xx: Ok then, and good speaking with u as well.


10:04 PM yugi58: You've been invited to this chat room!
Mira, you there?
bakuganblazer: hey mira B-)
10:05 PM yugi58: She'll get this chat in her email...
dragonicfire55: Very well.
10:06 PM yugi58: Ok, so Drago, you know how you seperated from the core, but kept a little bit inside of you to become the Perfect Dragonoid?
bakuganblazer: Ok so this is how we're gonna do it Dan and Drago
yugi58: Dan, don't type like that. xD
dragonicfire55: Dan...?
bakuganblazer: no fair .
yugi58: Yugi uses Periods.
Dan doesn't.
dragonicfire55: Dan, you do realize that both of your emails appear beside your name to differentiate between you both.
10:07 PM yugi58: Anyway..Back to the plan.
bakuganblazer: it does? O__O
dragonicfire55: Yes. Please continue,
yugi58: Ok.
10:08 PM I typed out my plan perfectly for Rogue.
I'm trying to word it correctly.
10:09 PM dragonicfire55: Don't owrry, take your time.
worry* Sorry about that.
yugi58: But I'm trying to say, that we need you to ask the legendary soldiers to use your perfect core to allow you to make a dimensional portal, allowing you guys to warp back.
10:10 PM And Spectra posted in Vespalace, AND The Vexos Destroyer today. I suspect he's trying to follow you guys.
dragonicfire55: The Legendary Soldiers don't seem to exist there.
Or Ancient Warriors, rather.
yugi58: Maybe they just don't think we need them.
10:11 PM dragonicfire55: I also doubt I harness enough power.
bakuganblazer: GOT IT!
yugi58: Is there a way to increase the power of the core?
bakuganblazer: i'll brawl and beat spectra gus and lync all 3 of em then u should have enough power right?
dragonicfire55: None that I know of.
10:12 PM yugi58: Dan, you do realize that you lost to Spectra...
bakuganblazer: he cheated .
yugi58: You can beat Gus and Lync easy, but Spectra's another issue.
10:13 PM There has to be a way...
We overloaded the control tower with intense power levels...
10:14 PM Let me check how high they were exactly.
10:16 PM Finally, Mira's back.
me: I'm sorry guys, but I'm going on a 13-hour drive tomorrow. I'll need a full night's rest, so I'll be going to sleep at 9 PM tonight. I'll stop by every now and then to see how you're doing, but you won't hear the most of me until about 6 PM tomorrow night.
yugi58: Each side was over 2000.
10:17 PM You're actually going to see Gus? How will you find his house?
me: I'm using the GPS feature on my cell phone, and I'm driving there myself. Ace found me his address with his IP number apparently.
10:18 PM Well, goodbye. I'll see you tomorrow.

3:54 PM sherdilmomin: Hey Mira.
Sorry if I am disturbing you or anything.
me: Hello, sherdilmomin?
sherdilmomin: Lorddarkus >_>
3:55 PM Killed by Spectra
me: Oh, how are you?
sherdilmomin: I'm good.
You tell..
3:57 PM Mira, suprisingly, my IP isn't banned.
3:58 PM me: So you signed up again?
sherdilmomin: You could say so.
You would probably figure out who I am..
Well Dan got it in seconds XD
3:59 PM me: If I had to guess, I would say Eclipse?
There's just something about his personality...
sherdilmomin: T_T
You figured it out faster than him.
I should seriously try to do something I would never do.
4:00 PM me: Let's just hope Spectra or Gus don't find out...
sherdilmomin: I don't think they will...
me: I wouldn't trust any of the Vexos with this one, not even Volt since you're sneaking online...
sherdilmomin: I never did trust any one of them XD
4:01 PM me: A lot of people seem to trust Volt.
I hope Brontes doesn't persuade him to use this to his advantage...
sherdilmomin: Such as Jake.
I think Rogue
I don't know any other.
4:02 PM Im level 3.
But Dan has to lock the brawls and upgrade me.
me: I see.
sherdilmomin: Mira is it ok if I return to the resistance when I reach level 4?
4:03 PM Or would you recommend 5?
me: It doesn't matter to me, just be safe.
sherdilmomin: Ok.
4:04 PM Thank you.
me: You're welcome.

5:06 PM me: Ace? It's me...
midnightmenace21: Hey Mira. Why are you invisible?
5:07 PM me: I just didn't feel like being messaged by anyone else...
Ace, I... I know you aren't the most compassionate person out there, but I feel like you're the only one I can turn to...
Obviously, my father's no help, I can't send Private Messages...
5:08 PM midnightmenace21: Maya you can tell me anything. You know that
What's wrong?
me: Well, I just hope you're right, Alex...
5:09 PM Earlier this afternoon, I... there was a fire in Corey's old bedroom...
I put it out, but it damaged a lot of his former property.
midnightmenace21: O__O
A fire?
Oh good
Well bad
I mean...
I'm glad you're okay
5:10 PM me: Thanks. But I need to say... I'm frightened out of my mind right now, Alex...
What caused the fire...
Were candles. They were set out on the carpet and I never put them there.
midnightmenace21: Was your father home?
Was the door unlocked?
me: No and no
5:11 PM There were many candles and one was lit and must have tipped over, causing the fire
5:12 PM After I put it out I investigated a little more and went back to the candles to see they were actually arranged into a pattern...
midnightmenace21: O_O Yeah?
5:13 PM me: The pattern was vaguely shaped like a bird, a large, almost majestic one...
5:15 PM And that's when I realized it seemed to be a rough recreation of Corey's old design for a symbol he showed me once!
5:16 PM midnightmenace21: We know it's either Spectra or Gus or maybe both of them that's doing this!
5:17 PM me: But he never showed that design to anyone except me... He never finalized it, and didn't want to show anyone the design until it was finished...
5:22 PM I decided looked around my yard for any more clues, and that's when I saw footprints, tracked in apparently mortar or cement somehow... They lead as far as the driveway, then they began to become less noticeable and the trail ended completely...
midnightmenace21: Wait, could that have been your dad?
5:23 PM me: I don't think so... The prints seemed too small for him to have tracked them...
5:24 PM midnightmenace21: You know it's Gus that's doing this.... Cement? Earth? Sub-Terra, he even dug up a grave by going into the ground!
But the fire makes me think it was Spectra now...
me: Ace, this is serious!
It's not roleplay, someone is trying to ruin my life!
5:25 PM Please, be realistic!
midnightmenace21: Okay... Sorry
Gus lives so close to you... And it's a mystery where Spectra lives
5:26 PM me: Someone is clearly messing with me, and whoever it was has done their research on Corey. Exclusive research that would have taken connections to do...
midnightmenace21: You don't think that your father--
5:27 PM me: Of course not. He may be a cold-hearted stiff, but it was his son, and he loved Corey as much as I do...
midnightmenace21: I know. But I'm running out of ideas unless
me: Don't say it. Please, I'll be sick to my stomach...
5:28 PM midnightmenace21: No it has to be Gus
me: But how? How could he have known Corey?
midnightmenace21: I have no clue
5:29 PM me: Why is this happening to me? :'(
midnightmenace21: Because there's a lot of jerks out there
And Gus has to be the biggest of them all
When we catch him
me: I've tried everything, Ace...
5:30 PM I even set up surveillance cameras, "borrowed" from my father, which were destroyed in the dead of night... The intruder missed one of them so I could see him dispose of them but it was too dark to see more than a silhouette.
5:31 PM midnightmenace21: How tall was the intruder?
me: I don't really know... It was just too dark to see anything...
5:32 PM midnightmenace21: Get Gus to spill the beans on Earth. There has to be a way
me: You and I both know that Gus is too great of a weasel to keep his word...
No matter the persuasion...
5:33 PM midnightmenace21: Besides Volt, all of the Vexos have that in common _
me: I know...
We don't know for sure that it was Gus. What if we're pointing fingers at the wrong person, Ace?
5:34 PM midnightmenace21: Because of the first clue or did you forget?
me: Seeing is believing...
Spectra said it, but Gus looked giddy...
midnightmenace21: They're both in on it. They're both trying to mess with your head about Corey
me: You're probably right...
5:35 PM midnightmenace21: In an attempt to weaken you. It worked enough for Al Capone to defeat you!
Spectra or Gus would have had no problem...
me: Don't say his name, Ace... You don't have the right.
midnightmenace21: Okay, but you know I'm right
me: Yeah...
5:36 PM midnightmenace21: They're apparently trying a mixture of trying to make you think Corey's alive or just trying to get rid of all the traces of him to tear you apart inside... It's unforgivable!
me: You're completely right, Ace.
5:37 PM I mean Alex. Smile
midnightmenace21: Maya I give you my word that I'll help you stop this
Together we'll make sure Gus and Spectra cut this already before we call the cops. I know exactly where Gus lives you know
5:38 PM me: You do?
midnightmenace21: Yeah his IP gives the information. He lives in Reno, NV. If you wanted to pay him a visit, but be careful...
5:39 PM me: Those things are frighteningly accurate. It explains how Gus knows exactly where to find me...
But whose idea do you think this was? Spectra or Gus?
midnightmenace21: Good question but I would say Spectra. He's shown us he can be heartless at times and Gus will do anything he says
5:40 PM me: I agree.
Yes... Maybe I'll use the GPS on my phone to drive over to Gus's home to surprise him... Maybe I can force the truth out of him...
5:41 PM midnightmenace21: I wish I could come with you... I would bring your father just in case you never know how dangerous he really is
me: Yeah. Okay, I will.
5:42 PM midnightmenace21: Thanks for coming to me with this Maya
It's sort of an honor xD
me: I'm really glad I did. Smile
I can't tell you how much better I feel, Ace...
midnightmenace21: Alex. Wink
me: Alex. Smile
5:45 PM midnightmenace21: Good luck on Earth, BTW
me: Thanks. Good luck in Beta City. Smile
midnightmenace21: Yeah everyone thinks it's time I battled Shadow. I agree actually especially with my new Hammersaur
me: I've heard about that. Congratulations. Smile

12 minutes

5:58 PM midnightmenace21: Maya I looked it up and you might have to take a plane to get there...
It would take about an hour that way
Driving, it would take 13 hours...
5:59 PM me: Oh no...
6:00 PM The chances are slim, but maybe my father will just drive me... But it's not like he has any time off any time soon...
6:01 PM No, he would never drive me to Reno just because I wanted to meet someone that I know online who could be potentially dangerous....
I guess I should go myself...
6:02 PM It would take a couple of days because I would need to stop at an inn or something, but hopefully I can make it.
midnightmenace21: Maya...
me: What choice do I have?
6:03 PM midnightmenace21: Be VERY careful then
At this rate it would be better just to find his phone number and call him...
me: I would never be able to force the truth out of him that way...
We need to do it in person.

6 minutes

6:10 PM midnightmenace21: But Maya... Gus wouldn't take plane flights or 13-hour long drives to do all of those things to you time and time again
6:11 PM He must be hiding out somewhere near the edge of Nevada... Or maybe he even randomized the IP location and lives in Arizona with you...
Maybe he hired someone else to do it...
6:12 PM me: Maybe...
Just wish I had the answer...
6:14 PM It's a sickening thought, but if Gus lives in Reno, maybe he has a personal driver?
midnightmenace21: Pfft maybe
6:15 PM I think a flight there is $250? Could that work? Just one hour...
6:16 PM me: I can't, Ace... You have to consider the cost to return. That's $500 total...
me: I'll take that drive
It will take half the day, but it's worth it...
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PostSubject: Re: A word, your highness?   Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:58 am

I'm nothing short of impressed, Mylene. You've surely outdone yourself with this. A much more efficient leader than Spectra ever was. Rolling Eyes
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A word, your highness?
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