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 Team BNH Captains Tourney (DN)

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PostSubject: Team BNH Captains Tourney (DN)   Thu May 24, 2012 5:38 am

Hello Everyone and welcome to the tourney to decide who will be captain and who will be co-captain of the soon to be Team BNH on DuelingNetwork. Here I will be posting the names/usernames of the participants, the bracket, and of course the rules and regulations of this tourney.

Rules and Regulations


This tourney will be a match based double elimination tourney. The victor will be appointed as captain and the runner-up will be appointed co-captain.


All duelists will be allowed only one deck this deck will consist of the main deck, extra deck, and side deck (if one so chooses to use a side deck the side deck is not another deck it is part of the deck and is used in match duels)

All duels will follow current duel monsters rules and regulations.

No one is allowed to duel another participant of the tourney once the tourney has started.

upon the day of the tourney (the day all particpating members are online here) all members will be required to PM me (joeble) their deck so that I may post them all at once this way no one can change their post when others post their deck. (I will be posting the deck I am using before soon after this topic goes up so i can't cheat feel free to copy it or take a picture of the list to be safe from me cheating.)

when you lose you must hit the admit defeat button

breaking the rules will result in your imediate disqualification from the tourney

Most importantly attempt to have FUN.

These rules and regulations are subject to change when there is an error in the rules or a rule needs refining to not cause confusion etc etc...

Current participants that are known.

EX. BNH username/DuelingNetwork username


possible participant

Z/ DN username is unknown I will update this as soon as I have confirmation.

The Braket will be generated on the day of the tourney if you are participating in the tourney please post the days your are most often on BNH and I will try and set up a date for the tourney.

The bracket will be randomly generated using

If you have any ideas or suggestions for limitations or rules please post them below

currently being considered

no exodia pieces allowed.

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Posts : 175
Join date : 2010-05-29
Age : 24

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PostSubject: Re: Team BNH Captains Tourney (DN)   Thu May 24, 2012 6:20 am

here is my deck so everyone doesn't have to worry about me changing my deck to beat theirs.

Main Deck

Hieratic Dragon of Gebeb (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Eset (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Nebthet (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Su (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Asar (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Sutekh (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit (x2)
Hieratic Dragon of Nuit (x2)
Hieratic Seal of the Sun Dragon Overlord (x2)
Blue-Eyes White Dragon (x2)
Dragrad (x2)
Delta Flyer (x2)
Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (x2)
Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (x2)
Vanguard of the Dragon (x2)
Hieratic Seal of Convocation (x2)
Hieratic Seal of Supremacy (x2)
Dragon's Mirror (x1)
Advance Draw (x1)
Dragonic Tactics (x1)
Enemy Controller (x1)
Inferno Reckless Summon (x1)
Light of Redemption (x1)
Monster Gate (x1)
Photon Lead (x1)
Photon Sanctuary (x1)
Solidarity (x1)
Super Rejuvenation (x1)
Silent Doom (x1)
Trade-In (x1)
Future Fusion (x1)
Xyz Burst (x1)
Xyz Territory (x1)
Dragon's Rage (x2)
Photon Current (x2)
Champion's Vigilance (x2)
Hieratic Seal of Banishment (x2)
Hieratic Seal of Reflection (x1)
Hieratic Seal From the Ashes (x1)

Extra Deck

Hieratic Dragon King of Atum (x2)
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis (x2)
Constellar Ptolemys Messier 7 (x2)
Thunder End Dragon (x2)
Trident Dragion (x2)
Daigusto Emeral (x2)
Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon (x1)
Fve-Headed Dragon (x2)

Side Deck

White Elephant's Gift (x1)
Burial from a Different Dimension (x1)
Xyz Reborn (x1)
Burst Breath (x1)
Inzektor Exa-Beetle (x2)
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Team BNH Captains Tourney (DN)
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